Remembering Bobby Darin

There can be no finer tribute to Bobby Darin than this recording. One can feel the heart and soul that went into the choice of tunes, the arrangements as well as the interpretive powers of the fine trio. This music is truly a 'piece d'occasion' and the occasion is now. 5 STARS


The Roger Kellaway Trio heralds the piano man's new direction. Feeling comfortable in the piano, guitar and bass trio format, he dazzles the listener with a fresh, new sound. "Splish Splash" finds the trio playing with the rock classic in the way Vince Guaraldi worked the Peanuts themes. Their nine minute reading of "Once Upon A Time" is destined to be a jazz favorite. The trio concept shows its merit too on their swinging treatment of Darin favorites "Beyond The Sea", "Mack The Knife" and a particularly stunning "I'm Beginning To See The Light."


Kellaway has found two players who fit perfectly with his eclectic approach to playing jazz piano. The interplay that they achieve is often breathtaking. If you had told me that I would ever hear an outstanding jazz version of "Splish Splash," I would have told you to have another drink and get a lot of rest. Now I would just smile, and indicate that Kellaway, Foreman and Lutz have already covered this one quite nicely, thank you. This is a thoroughly refreshing disc.

-- Jersey Jazz

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